Getting the Book

The Provoked Economy is trying to find its way out of the warehouse, and there is of course no one best way. The hardback edition is out sometime this week, ISBN 978-0-415-85713-0, available from Routledge but also from your favorite offline bookstore, also online of course (e.g. Book Depository, Books etc, Barnes&Noble,,,, etc.). You can also get the eBook edition, ISBN 978-0-203-79895-9, or look inside through Taylor & Francis or Google Books. Or, rather, find the way to get a copy for your university library through institutional funds (the publisher has a recommendation form). Yes, the hardback version is utterly expensive! A more affordable paperback edition should be available sometime next year. But if you can’t wait (and you shouldn’t), the author kindly suggests that you avoid emptying your pockets. The paths to the reader are manifold. And on precisely this book considered as a public service, see p. 126-127.