Foregrounding References: Expression

This is a (first) report on missing references for The Provoked Economy. There is nothing in the book really fully explicit about the notion of expression, but the rapprochement with the notion of explicitness (to which the author devoted more energy) is evident, as indicated in the first chapter:

“But the philosophical debate is not settled, and the concept of explication (explicatio in Latin, perhaps best translated as Explikation in German, or explicitation in French) is a tricky one that is also linked in a rather complex way to the concept of expression.” (p. 25)

Instead of going straight to a Deleuzian disquisition, the author should have made a pause there and referred to Emmanuel Didier. His take on the performative understanding of expression (or vice-versa), especially in “Do Statistics ‘Perform’ the Economy?” (but also in his book En Quoi Consiste l’Amérique?), stood as a fundamental input for the thoughts that led to whatever can be found there. That path has led Didier himself to some most remarkable developments, especially on the notion of “consistency”, which should stand high in the “to-read” list of anyone interested in these kinds of provocations.