Is the Economy a Mode of Existence?

“Economic reason is perhaps the toughest and gravest chapter in Latour’s philosophical anthropology” (p. 36), reads The Provoked Economy in reference to Bruno Latour‘s Inquiry into Modes of Existence and its accompanying collaborative venture. The problem indeed was there well and alive in earlier installments of the project, always at hands with economic naturalism, progressively reconstructed in terms of a problematic amalgamation of three different “regimes of veridiction” (or, as put in newer versions of the project, “modes of existence”): that of human commerce and lived transaction (ATT); that of tabular containment and patterned reticulation (ORG), and that of moral elevation and optimal resolution (MOR). The Provoked Economy does not dig into the Inquiry‘s jargon — for lack of time, mostly. But the scars are there! Good luck to the AIME crowd with the resolution of the quandary.